CMI Level 5 Professional Consulting

Essential Business Training For Consultants, No Matter What Your Sector

Who Is It For?

This course is designed for those currently working as professional consultants in all sectors and for those seeking to become consultants. The consultant training focuses on developing skills such as problem solving, and planning and managing consultancy sessions, enabling you to build successful client relationships.

The unit is about the development of effective tools and techniques, relationships and interventions to facilitate coaching within the organisation.

This unit demonstrates the skills required of a management consultant using verbal and non-verbal communication methods.

This unit is aimed at those who wish to gain an understanding of the role of a consultant. It identifies the importance of professionalism and client engagement.  

This unit is about the management of action learning in the development of individuals and organisational objectives.

This unit is about understanding the stages of the consultancy cycle and how to manage interventions effectively.

This unit is about identifying opportunities for change, modelling the change process and managing the change to produce expected outcomes.

This unit is about the tools and techniques used by a consultant to select and analyse data and information and to formulate findings and alternative courses of action for the client.

This unit is about understanding projects, developing project plans and management strategies, and ensuring projects achieve objectives with targets.

This unit is about understanding how a client/ consultant relationship is forged and developed in a positive way and the skills required of a consultant in order to gain the trust of clients.

This unit is about the role of the consultant and the behaviours, skills and attributes required.