CMI Level 7 Strategic Coaching And Mentoring

Develop And Implement Your Organisational Coaching And Mentoring Strategy

Who Is It For?

Equivalent to a Master’s Degree, this executive leadership coaching course is designed for Managers who are currently operating at a strategic level and wish to develop and implement organisational coaching and mentoring systems and models.

This unit is about linking coaching and mentoring to strategic performance objectives, the impact of culture on coaching and mentoring and the impact of coaching and mentoring on culture.

This unit is about constructing a coaching and mentoring policy and gaining policy acceptance throughout the organisation.

This unit is about initiating organisational coaching and mentoring, dealing with changes, and the provision of on-going high-level support.

This unit is about evaluating individual, team and departmental development from coaching and mentoring, and its impact on strategic performance objectives.

This unit is about ensuring that the performance of the team contributes to meeting strategic objectives.

This unit is about developing skills and practices that support coaching and mentoring activities across the organisation.

This unit is about strategies to embed coaching and mentoring in the organisation, and align individual development to meet evolving organisational objectives.

This unit is about identifying, developing and implementing change strategies to meet organisational objectives, using a range of management models, tools and techniques.

This unit is about organisational culture, its impact on strategy, performance and the development of appropriate cultures; it also addresses national culture difference.

This unit is about organisational commitment to equality and diversity, and its application and support throughout the organisation.